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Deep Blue® blend is your best friend to combat fatigue and discomfort. Apply both before and after Pickleball or a training session. Massage Deep Blue® Rub into muscles and joints for a long-lasting warm and cooling sensation it brings.

Alpha CRS+
Contains powerful polyphenols that protect cells from free radicals. Potent levels of botanical extracts. Supports healthy DNA and cell function. Helps protect cells against oxidative damage.

xEO Mega
Provides ultra pure essential fatty acids and other fat soluble nutrients that supports the heart and has many system benefits. Promotes healthy cardiovascular, nervous system & immune function.

Microplex VMz
An all natural, whole food formula of vitamins and minerals that are deficient in our modern diets. Provides 22 essential vitamins and minerals. Sourced from whole foods. Supports healthy digestion.

Pickleball Kit

Peppermint oil is shown to provide a boost when you feel low on energy and fatigued. Try applying it to the back of the neck or to the chest when you need an extra dose of energy or motivation.

Get a good night’s rest before you play by applying Lavender to your temple, bottom of feet and pillow. Also use to soothe occasional skin irritations.

Use doTERRA Breathe® Respiratory Blend to promote easy breathing and clear airways during cardio and high-intensity training. When applied to your skin or diffused, is also an excellent option minimizing the effects of seasonal threats.

Keep your immune system strong so you can stay in the game. Taking doTERRA On Guard® internally can help boost your immune system and keep you on the go. Helps you mentally get focused and energized.

Rob Davidson

Deep Blue is my number one go-to for muscle and joint soreness. It goes on cool and immediately penetrates into the sore spots, slowly getting warmer and alleviating the stiffness and aches. It rejuvenates my muscles and helps them to re-energize and recover so I can get back on the court.

— Rob Davidson

I take doTERRA Lifelong Vitality because it helps me to feel younger. I have more energy and less pain in my muscles and joints. This helps me to stay active and do the things that I love.

— Dave Miller

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